Clinical Psychologist, Renowned Author, and Motivational Speaker


“Thank you so much for your informative and ‘eye opening’ presentation! Your visuals were great and the audience was just mesmerized by the wealth of information. Several people approached me after the meeting with compliments about our ‘quality’ speaker and the fascinating topic.”

Veronica De Silva
Southern California Marketing Directors Association

“Thank you for your thorough and informative…speaking presentations… Your research and application of information has been invaluable to us as we continue our focus on Western U.S. shopping centers… Any successful business needs to tap into companies such as yours to be certain that they use tools available to understand the different cultural make-up of their customers. I look forward to working with you again soon.”

Elizabeth R. Schreiber, CSM
Donahue Schriber

“Andy, I greatly enjoyed your presentation. You tailored it ideally to the audience, and that made it very effective. I would welcome an opportunity to recommend you to others, and look forward to our paths crossing again soon.”

Mark A. Levine, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Denver Region Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

“It is very seldom that I walk into a seminar or presentation and fall completely into the rhythm of the program and literally hang on every word from the speaker.”

Colleen Rickenbacker CMP CSEP, President/Owner
Colleen Rickenbacher Inc., Business Etiquette Expert

“Words cannot express the energy you created from your presentation, ‘Communicating Across Cultures,’ to the staff of the Mayo Clinic.”

Andrea M. Heinz, Diversity Education Coordinator, Training & Development
Mayo Clinic Scottsdale

“As always, you went above and beyond my wildest expectations… Your presentation was enlightening, engaging and encouraging, and we have received nothing but outstanding feedback.”

Bill Imada, Chairman/CEO
IW Group, Inc.

“The results and impact due to your training have been impressive. This training experience has demonstrated an impact on representatives’ abilities to access health care professionals and increasing our ability to communicate with these customers.”

Gregory A. Romanowski, Director, Marketing Development

“We measure our results in increased revenues, customer and employee retention and climate surveys, all of which show year over year improvement and certainly we attribute that in part to efforts in which Andy Erlich has been a key provider.”

Ed Closson, Diversity Education Manager
JPMorgan Chase

“You obviously made a dent! It was a great program, and very much needed. You are one of my personal ‘top ten’ speakers of the past 4 years, since I joined NSA Arizona.”

Beth Terry, President
National Speakers Association, Arizona

“WOW! Your presentation was outstanding… We continue to receive very positive feedback about the event and your impressive segment.”

Kathy Millisor, Member Services Manager
San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau