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Dr. Andy Erlich has dedicated his life to building bridges between people. Since 1979, his dynamic keynotes and cultural immersions have inspired audiences across the globe to embrace the power and creativity of change, welcome and support human differences, and experience the rich rewards that come with recognizing and celebrating human diversity.

The insights, exercises and tools that Andy brings to his speaking engagements are drawn from his more than 30-year career as a clinical psychologist and his in-depth research and real-world experiences exploring cross-cultural communications, organizational development and motivational analysis.

Every engagement is unique, designed to address each organization’s particular markets, business challenges and organizational needs.

Freeing the Giant

In this amazing session on resilience, diversity and emotional intelligence, Andy tells the true-life story of his beloved Uncle Jake, who, at 8 foot 6, was considered the tallest man in the world. Freeing the Giant is the inspiring tale of a depressed and alienated child who overcame adversity to become a silent film star and circus performer as well as a renowned artist, musician, poet, vaudevillian and business executive. Read on below to learn more.

Cross-Cultural Success

Successful companies develop an in-depth understanding of their customers and their habits, preferences, values and lifestyle choices. This is especially important for businesses entering new ethnic or religious markets, where a lack of cultural sensitivity can make the difference between success and failure. In this engagement, Andy helps attendees improve the effectiveness of their marketing, sales and customer service operations by recognizing and overcoming their cultural stereotypes and gaining the insights and knowledge needed to thrive in an increasingly multicultural society. Click through to learn more.

The Yoga of Change

In recent decades, the pace of change has been accelerating, transforming our economy, social institutions, political system, businesses and much more. In this engagement, Andy shares cutting-edge psychological research and the 5,000-year-old wisdom of yoga to answer one of the most common and vexing human dilemmas: “How do we find the insight, strength and creativity we need to deal successfully with the inevitable and ongoing changes in our lives?” Click through to learn more.

Freeing the Giant

How can we overcome our personal limitations? What holds us back from realizing our dreams?

In this engagement, Dr. Andy Erlich tells the moving story of his uncle, Jacob Reuben Erlich, who, at 8 foot 6, was among the tallest men in the world. Best known by his stage name, Jack Earle, he would overcome crippling shyness, depression, temporary blindness and the physical challenges of a giant’s frame to earn widespread acclaim as a silent film star, circus performer, artist, poet, vaudevillian and business executive.

Attendees will learn important lessons about resilience, emotional intelligence and diversity and discover how they can harness their own creativity, power and inner strength to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges in their personal and professional lives. They will come away knowing how to:

“We measure our results in increased revenues, customer and employee retention and climate surveys, all of which show year over year improvement and certainly we attribute that in part to efforts in which Andy Erlich has been a key provider.”
Ed Closson, Diversity Education Manager
JPMorgan Chase
The Freeing the Giant engagement is available as either a 60-minute keynote or as a half-day training session.

The keynote consists of a multimedia presentation that includes archival photos and video clips, circus memorabilia, music, magic and humor.

The training session expands on the keynote by incorporating creative expression and role-playing exercises that are customized and relevant to each audience.

This engagement is ideal for everyone who recognizes that despite their limitations, they have a giant of unexpressed ability, creativity and strength within them.

“As always, you went above and beyond my wildest expectations… Your presentation was enlightening, engaging and encouraging, and we have received nothing but outstanding feedback.”
Bill Imada, Chairman/CEO
IW Group, Inc.

Not only the
Tallest Man in the World...

Jake Erlich was a multitalented man. Andy’s Uncle Jake—the hero of his moving “Freeing the Giant” keynote—is the artist behind these paintings and photographs.

“It is very seldom that I walk into a seminar or presentation and fall completely into the rhythm of the program and literally hang on every word from the speaker.”
Colleen Rickenbacker CMP CSEP, President/Owner
Colleen Rickenbacher Inc., Business Etiquette Expert

Who was Jake Erlich?

It’s hard to imagine Jake’s gargantuan size, but these striking photos and video from his life help to illustrate that.

“Dr. Andy Erlich is much more than a motivational speaker. He is a life-changer who through his compelling messages, invites you into a world that will help you discover who you are by being captivated with his message of hope and inspiration. The standing ovation at the end says it all and people keep asking for more.”
Nedda Shafir, M.Ed.
Shafir Consulting, LLC

Life in the Circus

Below are some of the beautiful vintage flyers from Jake’s time with the Ringling Brothers’ Circus.

“We measure our results in increased revenues, customer and employee retention and climate surveys, all of which show year over year improvement and certainly we attribute that in part to efforts in which Andy Erlich has been a key provider.”
Ed Closson, Diversity Education Manager
JPMorgan Chase