Selling to Latinos

Selling to Latinos This exciting, new book gives the sales professional in-depth cultural understanding and ethnic awareness for working with the rapidly growing population of Latinos in the U.S. Dr. Erlich effectively explains how to differentiate generations of Hispanics by their connection to their culture and, in doing so, clarifies how, and why Hispanic culture has shaped the prospect’s approach to a sales transaction. Stressing the fact that you don’t necessarily need to speak the language to understand the culture, the author gives example after example of how to make the customer comfortable in any sales setting.

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Exploring Culture: Cultural Overviews and Insights

Selling to Latinos This book provides a very important first step in acquiring the knowledge necessary for success when doing business across cultures. Our goal is to present important background information on some of the major ethnic groups in the United States.
Each chapter includes:

The 17 ethnic and religious groups covered include:
• African American
• Armenian
• Asian Indian
• Central American
• Chinese
• Cuban
• Dominican
• Filipino
• Japanese
• Jews
• Korean
• Mexican
• Muslims
• Puerto Rican
• Russian
• Thai
• Vietnamese

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