Clinical Psychologist, Renowned Author, and Motivational Speaker

Dr. Andy Erlich is a Clinical Psychologist, Renowned Author, and Motivational Speaker based in Arizona.

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Dr. Andy Erlich speaks at Speak Up, Stand Up, Save a Life
at Grand Canyon University - Jan 21, 2020

I have been fascinated by the human paradox for as long as I can remember.

On the one hand, each of us is a unique individual with our own characteristics, cognitive abilities and personal histories. We hail from diverse ethnic groups, cultures and belief systems. Yet we all have one thing in common: We derive our greatest strength and sustenance from the enduring relationships we forge with our family, friends, colleagues and communities.

Since 1979, my dynamic keynotes and cultural immersions have inspired audiences across the globe to embrace the power and creativity of change, welcome and support human differences, and experience the rich rewards that come with recognizing and celebrating human diversity.

The insights, exercises and tools I bring to my speaking engagements are drawn from my more than 40-year career as a clinical psychologist and my in-depth research and real-world experiences exploring life’s challenges, cross-cultural communications, organizational development and motivational analysis.

I’m delighted to share the results of my work here with you now.

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Are you contending with personal challenges that prevent you from achieving the sense of happiness and well-being that comes with achieving your goals? Learn about my clinical practice and approach.


Is your organization held back by internal conflicts and an inability to harness the talents of a diverse workforce? Learn how my speaking and training engagements can inspire your employees.


Read the story of a remarkable person who overcame profound challenges to achieve widespread acclaim as a performer, artist, poet and businessman while also being "the tallest man in the world."