Dr Andy Erlich - Speaker and published author
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In order for Andy to make the best presentation possible please try and observe the following guides:

Room Set Up

  1. If the event includes food service, make sure servers do not refill water glasses, coffee cups, and clear dishes or create other distractions during the speech.
  2. When possible, set tables as crescent rounds.
  3. Please provide two, three foot tables at the front of the room. One table will also be used for the digital projector and computer and the other will be used for presentation props and water for the speaker.
  4. Please make enough copies of the handouts for each participant and place at their stations prior to the presentation.
  5. For the “Freeing the Giant” presentation a 12 foot high ceiling is required in the room or from the floor of the stage to the ceiling to accommodate the Jake-in-the-Box prop.
  6. For the "Yoga of Change" presentation please provide enough room so audience members can comfortably stand up.
  7. For last minute emergencies please call the office at 480-368-7280 or Andy's wireless phone, 602-315-4569.